Khaosan road can be found in Bangkok, Thailand. This road is 410 meter long. It was constructed in 1892 during the time of Rama V. Khaosan means milled rice, since it is a reminder of the past, when the street was a main Bangkok rice market. Over the years Khaosan road was developed. Khoasan road is now famous and known as a backpacker ghetto. There are cheap and affordable accommodations such as hotels that has a style known as the "The mattress in a box style"and their are also 3 star hotels. Some say that Khaosan Road is a really great place to disappear. Even if the road is not that long, there are a lot of things that people can observe. You can observe the different groupings and interactions that have different characters in this road. You will see high school graduates that are on their gap year travels, there are well educated westerners that wants to leave from their affluent society, there are college students that are on sabbatical or on a holiday, there ordinary people that just wants to go to have a vacation, there are volunteers from different kinds of organizations, young adults from different countries and Israelis that are fresh out of military service.


Khaosan road is also used as a base of travel. There are people that leave everyday for all of the major tourist destinations that are in Thailand from Chiang Mai that can be found in the north up to Pha Ngan that can be found in the south. There are even some travel agents that provide inexpensive charges to arrange visas and transportation to their neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia.


You can find different types of Khaosan shops, such as painting shops, local fruit vendors, clothing shops, handicraft shops, there are unlicensed DVD and CD shops and there are shops that provide fake IDs which are very useful and helpful for backpackers. During night time, they turn the streets into bars that play music, there are food vendors that sell exotic food, such as barbecued insects and there are vendors that sell ping pong shows. Know more about khaosan hotel.



You can find a number of pubs, bars and cafes in the are where backpackers can meet each other and discuss about their travel. The road is also known for partying and it is considered as the center of dancing. Check out the hotel near khaosan.